LAB Presentation

The Communication Networks and Security (CN&S) research Laboratory, at the University of Carthage (School of Communication Engineering, Tunisia) offers its research members a supportive environment in which both specialty and multidisciplinary research can grow and prosper.

The Members of CN&S are currently conducting and supervising research in communications, high speed networks, and security engineering.

CN&S research in advanced networks is structured along three topics:

  • High-speed Networking: technologies, services,  and protocols

  • Network engineering: Modeling, performance evaluation, and QoS

  •  Mobile and wireless communication systems: mobility, location, and architecture

Research in security is organized around three major topics:

  • Networking and internetworking security

  • Security management of electronic services

  • Security-related theories and formal methods.

Research work includes investigation into the application of new network techniques to improve resource utilization and guarantee security services. It also aims at the development of high bandwidth mobile/wireless/optical networks.
A substantial amount of work is being undertaken into the development of new techniques for managing QoS and developing networked multimedia applications that intelligently interoperate with network nodes. An effort is also invested in the development of secured e-services.

The scientific council is in charge of developing proposal for CN&S auditing the activities within the lab and monitoring the different projects under development.
The composition of the scientific council is done by the following:

Members degree

Noureddine Boudriga



Maher Mili

Associate Professor


Slim Rekhis

Assistant Professor


Salah Ben Abdallah

Assistant Professor


Mohamed Chammem

Assistant Professor


Bel Hassen Zouari

Associate Professor

General Director of the National Agency for Computer Security

Fitouri Ben Abdallah

General Engineer

Director of Studies in Research and Studies Telecommunications Center

Yacine Djemail


Isig Kairouan



Two research units constitute the major work force of CN&S:

  • Network Security and Formal Aspects Unit (CNAS-Sec)
  • Wireless and Optical Network Unit (CNAS-WON)


CN&S is a partner of the Doctoral Program in the School of Communication Engineering (SUP’COM, University of  the 7th of November at Carthage, Tunisia)

CN&S is involved in several industrial partnerships with the objectives of building advanced ICT skills, conducting applied research, and building innovative solutions.

CN&S is involved in innovative actions including the development of solutions and patents such as NETRAM ©, a risk management package.